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Love guru baba ji says that love astrology allows us to increase the accuracy of a person to recognize the nature. The word astrology is derived from two Greek words, "Astra", meaning & Stars "Logos," meaning Logic of Study. A practitioner of astrology is an astrologer or an astrologist, in Russia they Cosmo Biologists and in India are called known as Jyotish.

Love guru baba ji know that astrology is certainly not "a product of human imagination", it has been experimentally investigated and experienced through the centuries by many different people from different cultures all over the world. So it is not art. Love guru baba ji do not want to call it love astrology as a science, because of their inability to investigate an open mind and try to keep the knowledge, but they test a portion of the astrology (i.e. Sun Sign), and then claim that astrology is not a science. After all, love Astrology is more knowledge than science and it does not require a label of science to survive, it survived without all these Millennial and will do in the future. That is why Astrology is neither an art nor a science.

There is no other issues and problems when you love someone and want that special, but this society of India on a state always inter fare on the crucial importance decision of your life, that's marry, they have a direct or indirect impact on your life very lot and you have no salvation for you whether a person will be helpless, at that time I will definitely Love guru baba ji help you to get your love back and marry him or her and blow some Vashikaran mantra that necessarily will move the wind in your side for your successful life.

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